Apply for a Georgia Provisional Driver's License (Class D)

Once you meet certain requirements, you can apply for a provisional driver’s license at age 16.

A provisional driver’s license is required for teen drivers. It is the second step in the graduated license program for young drivers ages 15 to 18.

There will be restrictions on your license until you turn 18.

Provisional licenses are not required for adults over the age of 18 who are applying for a driver’s license. If you are over 18, you may be eligible to apply for a full driver’s license.

How Do I … Get My Provisional License?

  • Get Prepared

    • To qualify for a driver’s license, you must:
      • Be at least 16 years old
      • Have held a learner’s permit (instructional permit) for at least 1 year and 1 day
      • Have had no major traffic violations that resulted in the suspension of your learner’s permit 
      • Have completed at least 40 hours of supervised driving experience, including at least 6 hours of driving at night
      • Complete the legally required Alcohol and Drug Awareness Awareness Program (ADAP/eADAP)
    • Schedule a road test appointment in advance.
    • Bring a parent, guardian, or authorized driver training instructor to sign your provisional driver’s license application.
  • Gather What You'll Need

    • $10 permit fee, paid for in cash or by credit card. (Check fees and terms for more information.)
    • Original documentation showing your identity, residential address, social security number, and U.S. citizenship or proof of lawful status in the United States. (Check Real ID requirements for more information.)
    • Your valid learner’s permit
    • A signed and notarized Georgia DDS Certificate of School Enrollment (DS-1) from your school (these are only valid for 30 days).
    • If you’re not enrolled in school, a high school diploma, GED, special diploma, certification of high school completion, or proof of enrollment in a GED program or a postsecondary school.
    • An Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP/eADAP) certificate of completion.
    • A parent, guardian, or authorized driver training instructor to sign the application. This person can request to have your permit or license revoked at any time before your 18th birthday. This Responsible Adult must provide paperwork to show their relationship.
  • Apply and Test

  • Learn and Follow the Rules

    It’s important to be aware of the rules you need to follow when driving with a provisional license.

    • You are not allowed to drive between 12:00 am (midnight) and 5:00 am.
    • For the first 6 months after you receive your provisional license, only immediate family members can ride in the vehicle when you’re driving.
    • For the second 6 months after you receive your provisional license, only 1 passenger under 21 years old who is not a member of your immediate family can ride in the vehicle when you’re driving. After one year, this increases from 1 passenger under 21 to 3 passengers.
  • Next Steps

    Once you turn 18, you can apply for a full, under-21 driver’s license.

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