Your Government

Your Government

Learn more about Georgia's state government, how it works, and ways to get involved.

Georgia's capitol building

Elected Officials

See who currently holds office in our state's government.

Who Represents You

Learn about who represents you at the state and federal level.

Contact Your State Legislators

If you have a need, concern, or idea regarding state policy, you can contact your state legislators.

Run for Public Office

If you want to play a lead role in Georgia's state government, you can run for public office.

How Your State Government Works

Life of a Law

A lot goes into creating, implementing, enforcing, and interpreting our state's laws.

Georgia's Three Branches of Government

Georgia's government is made up of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

Georgia's Role in the Electoral College

Since the birth of our nation, the Electoral College has been at the core of our state's voting process.