Register a Boat

Qualifying watercraft vessels must be registered with the State of Georgia.

All mechanically-propelled vessels and any sailboats more than 12 feet in length used on "waters of this state” must be registered with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Boat owners can register a new or used vessel that has never been registered in Georgia, renew their existing registration, or transfer registration to a new owner.

How Do I … Register a Boat?

  • Gather What You'll Need

  • Register Your Boat

    • Register Online
    • Register by Phone

      Call 1-800-366-2661 to speak to a DNR representative about your boat registration.

    • Register by Mail

      Mail your application to:

      Georgia Department of Natural Resources

      P.O. Box 934943

      Atlanta, GA 31193-4943


  • Next Steps

    • Depending on your situation, it may take up to four to six weeks to receive your registration.
    • You will receive a registration card and two decals. A decal must be adhered to each side of your boat and the registration card must be kept on the boat.
    • You must renew your registration every 3 years.

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