Vote by Absentee Ballot

Georgians registered to vote have the option to vote by mail.

Absentee ballots are an option for registered voters who prefer to vote by mail instead of voting in-person. You do not need an excuse to request an absentee ballot. You must request an absentee ballot in order to receive one in the mail. Your absentee ballot must be received by your local County Board of Registrar's Office by the time polls close on Election Day in order to be counted.

How Do I Vote by Absentee Ballot?

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    Get Prepared

    To vote via absentee ballot, you must first be registered to voteYou will also need a form of voter identification, such as a government-issued driver’s license or identification card.

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    Request an Absentee Ballot

    To vote by absentee ballot, you must first submit an absentee ballot application. You can do this online, by email, by mail, by fax, or in person.

    You must submit your application for an absentee ballot by the deadline. Absentee ballots may be requested any time between 78 and 11 calendar days prior to Election Day. It’s important to request and return your absentee ballot early. This will give your ballot enough time to travel through the mail and resolve any issues that may arise when voting by absentee ballot. View a list of upcoming elections and registration deadlines on the Secretary of State’s election calendar.

    If you are voting in a primary election, you will need to request either a Democrat, Republican, or Non-Partisan ballot. You do not need to request a specific type of ballot for a general election.

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    Vote by Absentee Ballot

    After your county elections office reviews your application, you will receive your ballot at the postal address you noted on your application. If you're a UOCAVA voter, you may receive it by electronic transmission. The time frame for receiving your absentee ballot will depend, in part, on the type of election being held. You can read the Secretary of State’s guide to absentee voting for details.

    • Fill out and sign your absentee ballot according to the instructions provided. You will receive all the forms and envelopes necessary for marking and return of the ballot. Failure to complete your ballot correctly could cause your ballot not to be counted.

    • Mail your completed ballot. For voters within the country, all absentee ballots must arrive at your county election office by Election Day. You can also drop your absentee ballot off at a drop-off location in your county. Contact your county registrar for available drop-off locations. If you're currently a military or overseas voter and you post your absentee ballot on Election Day, make sure it arrives within 3 days.

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    Next Steps

    • Verify that your ballot was accepted by visiting the Georgia My Voter Page. Log in and look for the section labeled “Absentee Ballot Request Information” to learn more about your absentee ballot status.
    • If your ballot was rejected, your county elections office will contact you with a document to “cure” or correct your ballot envelope. Contact your county registrar to get more information and find out what your options are. One of the most common reasons an absentee ballot is rejected is because it has not been properly signed. Be sure to carefully read and follow all instructions included in your absentee ballot.
    • If you do not receive your absentee ballot after submitting your application, contact your county registrar to assess your options. If there is not enough time to receive a new absentee ballot, or if for any reason you cannot have another sent to you, you may vote in person. If you attempt to vote in person because you never received a requested absentee ballot, you will have to sign a document attesting that you are only voting once.
    • If you request and return an absentee ballot, you cannot change your mind and vote in person. Once you return your absentee ballot, you have voted.

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