Services related to: Legal

Apply for a Marriage License

You can apply for a marriage license from your county probate court.

Apply for a Name Change

Legally change your name by submitting a petition to a Superior Court.

Establish Power of Attorney

Authorize another person to make decisions on your behalf with power of attorney.

File for Divorce

File for divorce with your county’s Clerk of the Superior Court.

File Request to Expunge a Criminal Record

You can restrict public access to your criminal records.

Find an Offender

Search for offenders using the Georgia Department of Corrections free online search tool.

Get a Protective Order

Victims of violence can petition a judge for a protective order.

Get a U.S. Passport

You can apply for a U.S. passport by mail or in person.

Pay a Traffic Ticket

With traffic tickets, you can pay the fine and accept the penalty.

Prepare for a Traffic Violation Court Appearance

You can contest your traffic ticket in court.