Services related to: Driver Services

Apply for a Georgia Driver's License (Class C)

Georgians who are 18 and older may apply for a non-commercial driver’s license (Class C).

Apply for a Georgia Learner’s Permit (Class CP)

An instructional permit, also known as a learner’s permit, is for Georgia teens preparing to get their full driver’s license.

Apply for a Georgia Provisional Driver's License (Class D)

Once you meet certain requirements, you can apply for a provisional driver’s license at age 16.

Cancel Vehicle Registration

Cancel your vehicle’s registration if it’s sold or no longer in use.

Change Address on an Existing Georgia Driver’s License

If you are an existing Georgia driver and change your address within Georgia, you have 60 days to update your license.

Get an Exemption for Window Tinting

People with medical conditions can apply to tint their vehicle windows.

Get Peach Pass

Drivers using Peach Pass automatically pay Georgia Express Lanes tolls.

Pay a Super Speeder Fine

The Super Speeder fine is an extra $200 added to speeding tickets.

Register a Vehicle

If you own or lease a vehicle in Georgia, you must register it with the state.

Renew a Georgia Driver's License

You must renew your driver’s license every 8 years.